Friday, March 23

aboh..ayoh...abah...waliq..abi.. ^^,

Sanah helwah to my lovely DAD aka ABOH.. ^^

Date of birth : 22nd march 1961
Place : Kuala Tembeling, Pahang

Hari ini ulang tahun kelahiran ayah ku yang ke 51…merupakan anak yang ke3 (like me…hehe)
He is like other ordinary men.
Even , his knowledge about religion is not like other father, he is not ‘menghalang’ me involve anything what ever I like to do..especially I’m starting change be good muslimah… ye ke..:P
He is ordinary person but in my heart he is my hero..i hope he will be a better father guidance our family to jannah..INSYAALLAH…I’M VERY LOVE HIM

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